Lennert Prinsen (left) Quinten Prinsen (right)


It all started when...

Quinten (29) is the youngest and most creative one of the two. He passes his days filming, editing and trying his hand at photography. Apart from that, he also has a passion for playing sports and eating healthy.

Lennert (32) teaches Physical Education in Ghent and lives life to the fullest. His free time is mostly spent doing sports, having a beer with his friends and checking out some summer festivals. 

Both brothers have a vegetarian lifestyle for a large number of years now. This lifestyle choice is something they thank their parents for, as well as for their free and environment conscious upbringing.

Lennert and Quinten both have a hunger for adventure
Both want to discover the world whilst learning from what nature has to offer and they are trying to give back to nature as well. This is why they are combining all their passions (travelling, filming and climate) in one ambitious and ecological project! 

There might not be a prince in a frog, but it’s no coincidence that this green little fellow is the symbol of Ecoprins. The frog is used by a number of scientists as a natural indicator for the endangered environment. In our ever changing world climate, there is growing research into these little amphibians and their biotope. A choice easily made …